Front Page

Tri-unity is committed to preparing students for life by identifying, valuing, nurturing, protecting, maximizing and releasing each student’s unique qualities and abilities through a Spirit-led education. Tri-unity Christian School aspires to redesign the future of education by intentionally designing a unique spiritual and academic environment that prepares students for LIFE… Loving Relationships, Influence with Purpose, Faith through Fire, and Education for the 21st Century.


1. To cooperate with Christian parents in their God-given responsibility to train their children.
2. To work in conjunction with churches regarding physical facilities and spiritual growth.

Academic Excellence:

1. To deliver a diverse curriculum with a Christian emphasis in all phases of activity.
2. To provide a quality education so that all students may reach their full potential – spirit, soul & body.

Teach Disciples:

1. Who will be lifelong followers of Jesus Christ, impacting their world.
2. Who will use their spiritual gifts to live their lives to the glory of God, their own well being, and the welfare of others.


Phone: (616) 532-8827                   Address: 5353 Wilson Avenue SW, Wyoming, MI 49418