Fall Sports: Girl’s Volleyball, Boy’s Soccer, Boy’s Football, JH Boy’s Soccer, JH Girl’s Volleyball, Cross

Winter Sports: Boy’s Basketball, Girl’s Basketball, JH Boy’s Basketball, JH Girl’s Basketball

Spring Sports: Softball, Golf, Boy’s Baseball, Girl’s Soccer, Girl’s Softball, JH Girl’s Soccer, JH Boy’s

Athletic Fees:
HS Girl’s Basketball – $100, HS Girl’s Soccer – $75, HS Girl’s Volleyball – $75, HS Boy’s Soccer – $75
HS Boy’s Basketball – $100, HS Boy’s Baseball – $75, HS Golf – $100, HS Football – $125
All Middle School Sports – $50

Gate Prices:
High School Games: $5.00 for adults and students
Middle School Games: $2.00 for adults and students are free
Students: If a student is enrolled in grades 7th – 12th, a student ID has been given to them for all home
athletic games except football. Students enrolled in K – 6th grade pay the normal student price.

Boys Basketball Games Only – FAMILY Pass (Home games only for 2 adults and 2 elementary students)-
$100, Family Pass – All home games for all immediate family members living in the home – $150 Winter
Season; $200 – All Seasons. Single Adult or Elementary Student Pass (good for all home games) – $65
Winter Season; $125 for All seasons. Girls Basketball Home Games Only Pass – Single Elementary or
Adult – $35 Boys Basketball Home Games Only Pass – Single Elementary Student or Adult – $35
Senior Citizens – (good for all home games)  All seasons $50. Winter season only $30.