High School

Middle School: Grades 7-8

This program builds upon the solid, biblically based academics of our elementary school and focuses on the unique academic, social and spiritual needs of young adolescents.  Middle school students begin the transition to this new stage of development by attending classes in several classrooms with different teachers.  In addition to core curriculum, which includes Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Civics, American History,Life and Earth Science, and Keyboarding, ‘middle-schoolers’ may also participate in electives such as Art, Praise and Worship Class.  Tri-unity Christian Middle School students also attend gender exclusive Bible and Spiritual LIFE Courses, which enable the teacher and students to address pertinent issues relevant to their academic and social development.  In addition, outreach and service projects are a key component of the learning experience, giving students opportunity to serve God in tangible ways.

HIGH SCHOOL: Grades 9-12

You have the unique privilege to be enrolled at a school whose sole purpose is to help you grow spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially in order to become the person that the Lord Jesus Christ has created you to be. As your teachers and administrators, we are privileged to partner with the Lord and your parents as you navigate the journey of this important season in your life. As you look through the list of available courses you will see that your school has provided many opportunities for you to be challenged to learn and grow while you prepare for your future beyond high school.