Home School Program

Welcome to the TCS Home School Program!

This program is designed to give students a ‘school day’ experience, which ultimately remains under the final management of the parent.

Students will have access to the daily experiences of full time students as they develop their walk with Christ.

This shared experience will give home school students the potential of receiving dedicated instruction in all content areas. Additionally art, music, computer, Spanish and physical education classes (all depending on the schedule). Based on TCS scheduling it is unlikely all special classes will be offered on Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

All grading in content areas will be done by the parent except for subjects, i.e. art, music, which occur outside of the classroom setting. Due to the nature and schedule, student progress will be handled by the specials’ teacher.

Elementary (grades 1-6)       $3583.00
Middle School (7/8)              $3902.00
High School varies                 per class

You are invited to visit Tri-unity Christian School! Spend some time in our classrooms. Have your student spend time with our TCS students. See how the hybrid experience could work for your family!

For more information, or to schedule a visit, contact Tracey Nunez (616) 706-4658 or contact her at traceyn@tucs.org