Introducing an easy way to save tuition simply by purchasing gift cards! The Tuition Reimbursement Incentive (TRIP) is a fundraiser for TriUnity Christian School that DOESN’T COST YOU anything – in fact, you MAKE money by using this yourself. It is one of the only fundraisers that: (1) doesn’t cost anybody anything, (2) actually reduces tuition for YOU, and (3) also benefits the school financially.

Here is how it works. By purchasing gift cards for everyday or special purchases that you would be making anyway, you receive a percentage of that purchase back in the form of a tuition rebate. The more you purchase these gift cards, the more you will save on tuition – and the more the school will benefit from their portion of the rebate. It has NEVER been easier to start saving…and fundraising now!

TRIP program is open to anyone (you, friends & relatives!) wanting to get in on these savings.

Contact Ellen Birdsall to receive your step-by-step guide to get started!

Phone: 616.534.8827